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After herb school ends, accessing affordable opportunities to gain clinical experience and take part in case reviews can be difficult. Our Clinical Calyx subscription aims mitigate some of those costs by offering a discussion space for practitioners, moderated by experienced clinicians in active practice, along with supplementary classes and resources to help you grow as a practitioner.

What's Included?

Private Forum: Connect with actively practicing herbalists in a forum moderated by Thomas Easley, Mel Kasting, Eclectic School of Herbal Medicine Graduates and a spattering of special guests. Share your experiences, seek advice, and build lasting relationships within our supportive, moderated community. Discuss the clinical use of herbs, dosage recommendations, and formulation techniques. Benefit from the collective wisdom of seasoned practitioners.

HerbalMedicine.AI: is a revolutionary platform geared toward both students and practitioners in the field of herbal medicine. Leveraging state-of-the-art AI technology, this platform offers custom-trained bots, rigorously vetted and iteratively improved, that address a glaring gap in reliable, high-quality herbal education and clinical support. For students, bots serve as round-the-clock tutors that bridge theoretical learning and hands-on wisdom. For practitioners, specialized bots streamline clinical documentation and decision-making, enhancing overall efficiency. With, you're not just interacting with generic AI; you're engaging with a virtual faculty rooted in decades of clinical experience and educational rigor, committed to your professional development in herbal medicine.

Clinical Herbalism in Action: This is our monthly livestreamed consultation. Gain invaluable real-world experience by sitting in on a live case hosted by Thomas Easley, Mel Kasting, Shana Weddington and occasional surprise guests. This event includes a real time moderated chat, as well as time to ask the practitioner questions at the end.

Thomas’ Monthly Research Roundup: Stay up-to-date with the latest herbal research and evidence-based practices. Enhance your knowledge with curated updates from the forefront of herbal medicine.

Monthly Live Webinar: Join us each month for an interactive webinar led by Thomas Easley and Mel Kasting on a variety of topics related to clinical practice. These will often, but not always, relate to Thomas’ research roundup.

Discounts on CEU Classes: While you are actively subscribed to the Clinical Calyx, you will receive a 15% discount on single classes related to clinical practice. You will retain access to the classes you purchase at a discount. This does not include our certificate programs, but does include any clinically-focused class series.

Discount on Comprehensive Case Reviews: Anyone who is currently subscribed to the Clinical Calyx receives a 50% discount on comprehensive case review with Thomas and Mel.

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Clinical Calyx

Where Learning, Support and Clinical Wisdom Converge

Herbal medicine is a dynamic and intricate system that draws on both centuries of traditional use and cutting-edge scientific research to understand the complex interactions between the human body and plants. Any system of herbal medicine stagnates when taught from a purely theoretical stance – the supported application of herbal medicine to real people is the cornerstone for a safe and effective clinical practice.

Being taught by clinicians and having access to support and moderated peer discussion is the best way to continue clinical growth and become safe and effective clinical practitioners. Without support from our mentors, peers and colleagues, it’s difficult to know what we don’t know.

Your Clinical Calyx Moderators

Thomas Easley, RH (AHG)

Thomas Easley, RH (AHG), is a Clinical Herbalist and the founder of the Eclectic School of Herbal Medicine. With a passion for herbal medicine ignited in 1996, Thomas has dedicated his life to helping others through a unique approach that integrates Traditional Western Herbalism, Clinical Nutrition, and modern medical sciences.

Since opening his practice in 2001, Thomas has provided guidance and support to tens of thousands of clients. In 2010, he founded the Eclectic School of Herbal Medicine, which offers comprehensive clinical training. As a professional member of the American Herbalists Guild, Thomas continues to refine his clinical expertise by reviewing cases for his school’s free clinic and maintaining an active private practice.

Thomas is the co-author of The Modern Herbal Dispensatory: A Medicine Making Guide and Modern Herbal Medicine. He firmly believes in the power of herbal medicine to transform lives and promote vibrant health. His approach emphasizes the importance of food as medicine and incorporates tailored diets, stress reduction techniques, nutritional supplements, and exercise to help clients achieve their health goals.

As a champion for evidence-based practices, Thomas strives to ensure that his teachings and methods are rooted in tradition, clinical practice, and sound scientific principles. He draws inspiration from the Eclectic and Physiomedical physicians of the 19th century, combining their wisdom with modern medical sciences to create a comprehensive and systematic approach to health and healing.

Mel Kasting, RH (AHG)

Mel is a practicing clinical herbalist, educator, poet, and emergent facilitator. As Clinical Program Director and Free Clinic Manager, she helps clients to get the support they need while guiding students through the rigorous process of preparing for and participating in active clinicals.

Mel’s passion lies in both serving clients and empowering students to develop the essential relational health and clinical skills required to excel as herbal practitioners. Through her clinic work, art and class facilitation, she explores the intersections of herbalism, botany, society, and somatic experiencing to support plant-centered botanical medicine and celebrate the teeming diversity life has to offer.

In her private practice, she blends traditional western herbalism and clinical nutrition with somatic herbal practices. She recognizes the significance of addressing personal and societal traumas as an integral part of the healing journey. This profound understanding shapes her approach, as she guides individuals toward greater well-being and helps them navigate the complexities of their own healing processes.

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