A Conversation About Autism

A Conversation About Autism

taught by Thomas Easley

What is Autism?

The history of Autism

The diagnostic guidelines of ASD.

The increase in ASD

What is the neurodiversity paradigm?

Stimming - Perseveration - Speech - Non-verbal communication

Common physical problems of Autistic people including common concomitant conditions

Autism and trauma

Sean Donahue is an herbalist whose work involves the intersections of personal and cultural healing and liberation. He teaches at the School of Phytotherapy at Pacific Rim College on unceded Coast Salish territories in Victoria, BC, and at conferences throughout North America. He is a regular contributor to Plant Healer Magazine, Gods and Radicals, and A Beautiful Resistance. As an Autistic person, he is especially focused on insuring respectful and skillful health care for other neurodivergent people.

All of the classes are recorded from a webinar series. The recordings, handouts and resources, are available in the online classroom. Students will have access for a minimum of three years to all materials.

Thomas Easley
Thomas Easley
Clinical Herbalist

Thomas Easley is a Registered Herbalist with the American Herbalist Guild, co-author of Modern Herbal Medicine and the Modern Herbal Dispensatory and Director of the Eclectic School of Herbal Medicine.