Course Description

This class is an online journey through the world of misinformation and misunderstanding about an amazing body system.

Join Thomas and our special guest instructors Jim McDonald and Forrest Chalmers as we discuss how the system that lets us move works!

In this webinar series we will explore the world of chronic pain, fascia changes, trigger points, holding patterns, primal movements and herbs that support the structural system.

We will also talk about how:

Low back pain is rarely from disk issues.

Migraines are often caused by trigger points.

Calcium supplement aren't effective at preventing osteoporosis, yet we see people reverse osteoprosis all the time without calcium supplements.

Monotropa is amazing for structural pain, but Thomas once had a client with a severed sciatic nerve get complete relief from valerian, and come off the the oxy that was wrecking her life.

This module is 4 classes, averaging 2 hours each.

All of the classes are recorded from a webinar series. The recordings, handouts and resources, are available in the online classroom. Students will have access for a minimum of three years to all materials.

Mischievous Herbalists

jim mcdonald, Thomas Easley and Forrest Chalmers

jim, Thomas and Forrest are herbalists with an interest in how plants, stretching, massage and self care can help their aging and aching bodies. Forrest is also a body worker, has extensively studied traditional osteopathic techniques, fascial manipulation and is in acupuncture school.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Gil Hedley Fuzz Speech

    • Guided Meditation Downloads

    • Bone Broth

  • 2

    Class 1

    • Class 1 Handouts

    • Class 1 Recording

  • 3

    Class 2

    • Class 2 Handouts

    • Class 2 Recording

  • 4

    Class 3

    • Class 3 Handouts

    • Class 3 Recording

  • 5

    Class 4

    • Class 4 Handouts

    • Class 4 Recording

  • 6


    • Structural System Test

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