From Theory To Practice

Observing practicing herbalists as they navigate real-life clinical situations is an essential component of transitioning from theoretical herbalism to clinical practice.

Much of what we need to know to support our clients isn’t written down in a book; Navigating the complexities of modern diseases and mainstream medical treatments, running differentials and taking a complete health history while holding space for our clients’ stories and maintaining the role of herbalist as educator - these skills are best learned through observation, discussion and practice.   

In this live online event, you will observe an initial intake and participate in a moderated case review discussion directly following the consultation. Thomas will walk you through his differentials, thought processes, and initial ideas surrounding the case. There will be time for questions throughout this process.

You will receive redacted copies of client intake forms and bloodwork before the event, the finalized health plan within one week of the event, and access to the recorded first follow-up appointment 4-6 weeks after the event.

For those of you working towards American Herbalist Guild professional membership, this event counts towards your clinical hours.

Cost is sliding scale: $50 for practicing herbalists and folks who do not identify as low income and $30 for student practitioners and those who identify as low income.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Live Case

    • Intake forms

    • Blood Work

    • Consultation Recording

    • Care Plan

    • Saro SOAPS Expanded