Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the Clinical Practicum! START HERE

    • Clinical Practicum Course Guide-DRAFT

    • Clinical Practicium Course Book

    • ESHM Clinical Skills Self-Assessment Form

    • Relational Health and Clinicals Skills Zoom Link (TBA)

  • 2

    Clinic Orientation Weekend

    • Clinic Orientation Weekend Syllabus and Schedule

  • 3

    Clinicals and Case Review

    • Case Review Zoom Link (Weekly on Thursdays from 3-5 pm EST)

    • Practicum Tech Training Videos (Healthie and Dispensary Tree)

  • 4

    Clinical Skills and Relational Health UNIT 1: Thinking Through Client-Centered Care

    • Introduction to Client-Centered Care

    • Unit 1 Assignments

    • Client Centered Care Discussion Questions

    • Clinical Practicum Course Book

    • Client Centered Care Jamboard

    • Unit 1 Client Centered Care Notes

    • Unit 1: Client Centered Care Recording

  • 5

    Clinical Skills and Relational Health UNIT 2: Exploring Bias and Privilege

    • Introduction to Implicit Bias and Privilege

    • UNIT 2 Assignments

    • UNIT 2 Resources

    • Unit 2: Implicit Bias Recording

    • Unit 2: Implicit Bias Jamboard

    • Unit 2: Implicit Bias Class Notes

  • 6

    Clinical Skills and Relational Health UNIT 3: Trauma Awareness and Consent in the Therapeutic Relationship

    • Introduction to Trauma Awareness and Therapeutic Consent

    • UNIT 3 Assignment: Trauma Awareness and Consent in Clinical Practice Class Discussion Questions

    • RESOURCE: Key Ingredients for Successful Trauma-Informed Care Implementation

    • RESOURCE: Trauma Informed Care Library from TIOregon

  • 7

    Clinical Skills and Relational Health UNIT 4: Clinical Considerations in Mental Health and Resilency Building

    • Introduction to Mental Health and Resiliency Building

    • Principles Of Allostasis_Sterling

  • 8

    Clinical Skills and Relational Health UNIT 5: Applied Harm Reduction

    • Introduction to Applied Harm Reduction

    • UNIT 6 Assignment-Complete BEFORE you read over class notes

    • Applied Harm Reduction Resources

  • 9

    Clinical Skills and Relational Health UNIT 6: Client-Centered History Taking Part 1

    • Introduction to Client-Centered History Taking Part 1

    • History Taking Class Notes

  • 10

    Clinical Skills and Relational Health UNIT 7: Client-Centered History Taking Part 2

    • Introduction to History Taking Part 2

    • History Taking 1-2 Class Notes-NEEDS EDITING

    • Consultation Flow/Script Resource-NEEDS EDITING

  • 11

    Clinical Skills and Relational Health UNIT 8: Ethics, Legalities and Defining Scope of Practice

    • Introduction to Ethics, Legalities and Defining Scope of Practice

    • UNIT 4 Assignments

    • Clinical Skills and Relational Health Resources

  • 12

    Clinical Skills and Relational Health UNIT 11: Follow Ups and Case Management

    • Introduction to Follow ups and Case Management

    • Comprehensive Follow Up Example Video

    • Short and Sweet Follow Up Example Video

  • 13

    Clinical Skills and Relational Health UNIT 12: Intake Forms and SOAP Note Writing

    • Introduction to ESHM Intake Forms and SOAP Note Writing

    • UNIT 7 Assignment

    • UNIT 7 Resources

Clinical Practicum

Herbalism is theoretical until we actively engage in practice and follow-up with our clients. Our clinical practicum is a hands-on program that provides all of the skills and experience you need to be a safe and effective clinical practitioner, complete with mentorship and support after graduation.

This program consists of a 10-week live online clinical skill development and relational health class series and a live in-person clinic orientation weekend, followed by 1 year(ish) of active clinicals done through our free clinic. After rigorous preparation and practice, you will be mentored through working with 20 clients using a comprehensive care model, with weekly live case reviews, monthly skill building classes, access to weekly instructor office hours, instructor case shadowing, and more!

Clinical Practicum Timing

We currently host 2 practicums per year, one in the spring and one in the fall. You must have completed all of your clinical coursework before joining the practicum. This program is a mix of in-person and live online classes, student meetups, and case reviews. Although it isn’t self paced like our other programs, you are able to see as little as one client per month to keep the pace part-time. We schedule classes based on cohort need; case reviews are always on Thursdays at 3 pm EST.

What You'll Get

as part of our Clinical Practicum

  • 10 week live, online Clinical and Relational Health Skills development series'
  • 1 in-person clinic orientation weekend (food/lodging not included
  • Weekly live case reviews
  • Monthly live skill building classes tailored for your cohort
  • CHIA (Clinical Herbalism in Action), our monthly livestreamed consultation shadowing
  • A membership to Thomas’ clinical bots
  • 4 private mentorship sessions with Mel
  • Access to Mel and Thomas’ weekly office hours
  • 1 year of free case review/mentorship post graduatio
  •  Free core curriculum program updates for 3 years after graduation
  • A membership to our Clinical Calyx practitioner support group, which includes a monthly live webinar and in-depth write up of one clinically relevant topic

After Program Completion

What you will be able to do when you complete certification:

After the Clinical Practicum you will be prepared to see clients professionally. The Clinical Practicum is required to graduate from ESHM with a clinical practitioner certificate.

Our clinical coursework is a prerequisite to joining the practicum, and at this time we’re unable to accept coursework from other schools in lieu of our prerequisite programs.

Try Before You Buy

If you'd like to preview the type of content that's included in our programs, check out these videos:

Thyroid Physiology

Understanding the Thyroid

Fatigue Differentials

An Introduction to Fatigue Causes

Herbal Medicine Making

Solubility Using Different Preparation Methods


  • How much time does the program take to complete?

    The clinical practicum will take between 1-2 years to complete, depending on how many clients you choose to see each month.

  • What are the requirements for Clinical Practitioner certification?

    Requirements for Clinical Practitioner Certification:

    - Complete all clinical coursework and assignments

    - Attend the 10-week Clinical and Relational Health Skills class series

    - Attend in-person clinic orientation

    - Attend or watch monthly skill building classes

    - Attend live case reviews

    - See 20 clients (this includes an initial intake, presentation of case in case review, plan presentation with client, and 2 follow up appointments with client)

    - In-person final Examination AFTER all coursework and the practicum are completed

  • How much does the practicum cost?

    $3,900 if paid in full, or 12 payments of $345.

    If payment plan cost is an issue, we can set you up with a longer payment plan; please email [email protected] to inquire about an extended payment plan before enrolling. Please be aware that if you opt for an extended payment plan, you must be within the final year of payments to begin your practicum.

  • Who do I contact with questions about the practicum?

    Send an email to [email protected].

Clinical Practicum

Our Clinical Practicum is a hands-on program that provides the skills and experience you need to be a safe and effective clinical practitioner.

Addressing Cost and Accessibility in Herbal Education:

 We know that herbal education can be expensive and difficult to access for some folks! We pride ourselves in offering quality education and clinical experience opportunities at costs lower than the average herbal program, as well as offering longer payment plans. But we know that some folks will still find our prices inaccessible. 

We currently offer a small number of partial and full scholarships based on equity and/or true financial need. We are also working on creating a formal equity scholarship program and hope to launch this in early 2025. 

Please email [email protected] to inquire about potential scholarship opportunities.