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Are your current protocols meeting the needs of clients with Long Covid, or do you find gaps in your practice?

Do you seek deeper knowledge to effectively support the recovery journey of Long Covid clients, beyond just managing individual symptoms?

Are you prepared to guide clients through the uncertainty of Long Covid with an approach grounded in both clinical practice and the latest research?

If you've found yourself pondering these questions in recent years, then this class was created for you.

About This Course

Understanding and Managing Long Covid Patterns: A Holistic Approach

What most post viral illnesses have in common is immune dysfunction, with varied presentations ranging from mild immune suppression to chronic inflammatory processes to full blown autoimmune disorders. In the last 22 years of clinical practice I've worked with a wide variety of post viral illnesses.

When I first encountered Long Covid, a lot of what I saw made sense. As an herbalist, working with folks who need immune balancing and support in recovering from the traumatic experience of suddenly developing a chronic illness is a regular occurrence.

However, there were some peculiarities about Long Covid that I hadn't seen with other post viral illnesses.

The reality is, Long Covid is complicated. It took me a long time to figure it out, and an even longer time to understand how to teach about it. This course makes working with LC easier by establishing clear patterns of dysfunction with interventions targeted at the specific pattern pathophysiology.

Pre-registration now open!

Enrollment closes on November 15th and Module 1 opens on November 16!

A Note from Thomas

About "Understanding and Managing Long Covid Patterns: A Holistic Approach"

You may already know that I've been been running a free long covid clinic since mid-2020, and that I taught a packed class at the AHG conference on long covid last year.

So many of you have asked me during the past 3.5 years if I could share even more information about working with long covid. I'm excited to finally be able to announce the launch of this class!

In addition to all of the course content, this class also includes 12 live classes with me, where we'll delve deeper into the course material, review long covid client cases together, and do Q&As to make sure that your questions about the course material or about client cases are answered.

I hope to see you there!

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome and Logistics

    • Welcome!

    • Long Covid Forum

  • 2

    Live Class Schedule and Zoom Link

    • Live Class Schedule and Zoom Link

  • 3

    Introduction to Long Covid

    • Thoughts on Chronic Disease and Long Covid

    • Long Covid - The Symptoms

    • What Causes Long Covid?

    • Establishing A Baseline

    • Post Covid Immune Dysregulation

    • The Six Patterns and Symptom Differentials

    • Physiology Refresher - The Immune System

    • Physiology Refresher - Inflammation

    • Physiology Refresher - Cytokines

  • 4

    Pattern 1 - Neuro-Psych-Gastro Dysfunction

    • Covid and the Gut

    • Covid and the Nervous System

    • Addressing Neuroinflammation

    • Depression - Brief Thoughts

    • Anxiety in Pattern 1

    • Managing Dysautonomia

    • Managing Dysautonomia - A Client Guide

  • 5

    Pattern 1 Live Class Recordings and Additional Resources

    • Long Covid Pattern 1 Class Recording

    • Electrolyte Drink Resources

    • Long Covid Pattern 1 PDF: Neuro-Psych-Gastro Dysfunction

    • Long Covid Pattern 1 Q&A Recording

  • 6

    Pattern 2: The Respiratory Effects of PACS

    • Physiology Review - The Respiratory System

    • Understanding SARS-Cov-2 Lung Damage

    • Respiratory Materia Medica

    • Resource: Pulmonary Rehabilitation - 4 Weeks of Exercises

    • Studies: Inhaled nebulized unfractionated heparin

  • 7

    Pattern 2 Live Class Recordings and Additional Resources

    • Long Covid Pattern 2 Class Recording

    • Long Covid Pattern 2 PDF: The Respiratory Effects of PACS

    • Less Common Herbal Medicine Preparations Herbs and Substances for Nebulizing, Eyewashes and Nasal Rinses By Kenneth Proefrock NMD

    • Long Covid Pattern 2 Q&A

  • 8

    Pattern 3 - The Cardiovascular Effects of PACS

    • Pathology Review - Coagulopathies

    • Pathology Review - Myocarditis

    • Cardiac Trophorestoratives

    • Cardiovascular Sequelae of Covid-19 + Materia Medica

  • 9

    Pattern 3 Live Class Recordings and Additional Resources

    • Long Covid Pattern 3 Class Recording

  • 10

    Pattern 4 - Organ Damage in PACS

    • Identifying and supporting organ damage post-COVID

    • Vitality Building and Trophorestoratives in Clinical Practice

  • 11

    Pattern 5 - The Damaged Immune System

    • EBV Reactivation

    • MCAD Basics

  • 12

    Pattern 6 - The Effects of a Systemic Inflammatory Disease and Global Pandemic on Pre-existing Conditions

    • Strategies for Managing Exacerbations

    • Thoughts On Approaching Pre-Existing Conditions

  • 13

    Wrapping it Up

    • Review of Key Concepts

    • Integrating Patterns Into A Comprehensive Therapeutic Plan

  • 14

    Extra Resources

    • Key Studies

  • 15

    Case Troubleshooting Resources

    • How to Prepare for Case Troubleshooting Sessions

    • Example SOAP Note

    • SOAP Note Template

Course Materials

In addition to informative video lectures, this course includes...

  • Extensive Handouts

    From informative charts and tables to in-depth studies and transcripts, our handouts are designed to complement your learning and provide you with a solid grasp of the material. If you value having reference materials at your fingertips, you'll find plenty to appreciate in this course.

  • Live Classes

    Enhance your practice with hands-on learning through our dynamic course structure, featuring 12 live interactive sessions with Thomas. Delve into six detailed classes that unpack each Long Covid pattern, followed by six case-based sessions designed to refine your problem-solving skills. This is practical herbalism in action — apply our methods, see real results, and join the conversation to evolve your approach.

  • Exclusive Forum

    Our private course forum offers an exclusive space for participants to engage deeply with course content. It's the perfect place to seek clarity on course materials, discuss Long Covid cases from your practice, and connect with fellow practitioners dedicated to mastering this complex condition.

Class Pricing

Purchase the class up front (and save about $100!) or choose our payment plan option to pay over six months.

What will this course teach me?

This immersive course offers an in-depth exploration of the complexities of Long Covid, delineating six distinct patterns of presentation and providing targeted management strategies. Bridging theoretical knowledge with actionable approaches, the course equips practitioners with the tools and ongoing support necessary to navigate the multifaceted challenges of Long Covid.

Starting with a foundational overview, we examine the interplay between Long Covid and chronic diseases, setting a baseline for personalized treatment strategies. As the modules unfold, you'll explore the neurological and gastrointestinal impacts, gain insights into respiratory and cardiovascular sequelae, and learn to identify and support organ damage. The course also addresses the intricacies of immune system complications and the challenges of pre-existing conditions in the context of a pandemic. With live classes led by Thomas and interactive case reviews, this course equips you to integrate nuanced treatment plans into your practice, culminating in a robust understanding of Long Covid's multifaceted presentations.

What's included with this course?

This course includes:

- Over 30 video lectures

- Extensive handouts to supplement course material

- An exclusive forum for tackling your long covid case questions, moderated by Thomas and ESHM instructors

- 6 monthly live group classes/Q&A sessions with Thomas

-6 monthly live group long covid case troubleshooting sessions with Thomas

- Lifetime access to our online classroom, containing all class materials.


  • How long is enrollment open?

    Enrollment is open til November 15 at 8pm eastern. Afterwards, the class will close, and will no longer be available for purchase.

  • What if I want to purchase this class after enrollment closes?

    Sign up for our newsletter so that you'll be among the first to know when this class is back open for enrollment (we hope to offer it again in 2024 or 2025!) You can subscribe to our newsletter here: http://eepurl.com/hn42KP

  • Will the live class component be recorded?

    Long covid case troubleshooting meetings must be attended live, but the monthly live classes/Q&A sessions will be recorded and posted to the classroom for those who can't attend live.

  • Can anyone take this class?

    While this course is open to all interested learners, it is primarily designed for healthcare practitioners who have a foundational understanding of physiological concepts. Topics such as cytokines, microglial function, and allostatic load are integral to the curriculum and can be complex. That said, we’ve seen dedicated students from varied backgrounds successfully grasp these concepts with commitment and study. If you’re someone who’s passionate about health and willing to engage with the material, you’ll find that the course content, though challenging, is accessible

  • Do you offer payment plans for this course?

    Yes! Scroll back up to the top of the page and select Payment Plan from the dropdown menu to make 6 payments of $85 each.

  • I'm not a practitioner, but can I purchase this class as a gift for my practitioner?

    Yes! Visit this link to purchase the class as a gift: https://classroom.eclecticschoolofherbalmedicine.com/courses/gift-purchase-understanding-and-managing-long-covid-patterns-a-holistic-approach

    Then please email us at [email protected] with your recipient's name and email address so that we can get them enrolled.

Live Class Schedule

Live classes are on Wednesdays, from 5:00-6:30pm Eastern (2:00-3:30pm Pacific)

- December 6
- December 13
- January 10
- January 24
- February 7
- February 28
- March 13
- March 27
- April 10
- April 24
- May 1
- May 8

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