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Our minds did not develop in isolation. The complex nexus of signalling, perception, and communication that we call our nervous and endocrine systems evolved in the context of chemical conversations with plants and fungi.

From simple aromatic compounds that change our perception when we breathe them in to complex alkaloids that interact directly with our neurotransmitters, we will investigate the phytochemicals and mycochemicals that have the capacity to shift or mental and emotional states. We will discuss the biological, psychological, ecological, cultural, and historical dimensions of human relationships with these molecules and the plants and fungi that contain them, and explore the ways this knowledge can inform clinical herbal practice.

This online class runs 12:30-5:30pm EST March 13th and 14th. It is live streamed and recorded. You can participate via chat during the live stream, and you'll have immediate access to the recordings and our online classroom discussion forum.

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Sean Donahue

Sean Donahue is an herbalist, writer and teacher. He is dedicated to the continuation and revitalization of traditions in western herbalism that connect people and plants as partners in healing, honor the inherent intelligence and potential of the human mind, body, and spirit, and recognize the connections between physical, emotional, and spiritual healing and between personal, cultural, and planetary healing. He has a particular passion for recovering the spiritual and esoteric aspects of western herbal traditions and reintegrating them with medical herbalism. He has been inspired and influenced by the work of Matthew Wood, Margi Flint, and Stephen Harrod Buhner, as well as by the Physiomedicalist and Eclectic physicians of the nineteenth-century, and traditional Cunningfolk, herbalist, and healers of Europe and North America. He is a frequent presenter at conferences and gatherings throughout North America and a contributor to Plant Healer magazine.

Course curriculum

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    Session 1 Recording

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    • Day 1 Live Stream Video

    • The Phytochemistry of conciousness part1.4

    • The Phytochemistry of conciousness part1.1

    • The Phytochemistry of conciousness part1.2

    • The Phytochemistry of conciousness part1.3

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    Session 2 Recording

    • The Phytochemistry of conciousness part2.1

    • The Phytochemistry of conciousness part2.2

    • The Phytochemistry of conciousness part2.3

    • The Phytochemistry of conciousness part2.4

    • The Phytochemistry of conciousness part2.5

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