Tea Tasting

Tea Tasting

taught by Lindsey Feldpausch

Course description

The smell, the taste and the way an herb makes you feel are invaluable to understanding the actions a plant empowers and how one can utilize it in a medicinal context. 

This tea tasting course is designed to take you step by step through the organoleptic process. We will use our senses to understand an herb for who it is, listening with our intuition to what a plant is communicating to us. Emerging on the other end, with a more personal idea of what the plants we work with are offering us. 

At the beginning of the course, you will be mailed six individual herb satchels. Each month, you will brew up a particular plant and then we will walk through the tasting process in a live-streamed and interactive course.

You will not know what this plant is you are tasting. The goal will be to put your preconceived notions of herbs aside, your book knowledge will take a rest for a time, allowing your senses to take over while tuning into your tea.  This begins the process of cultivating a personal relationship between your body and an herb. 

After the herb is revealed, we will have a discussion and presentation on the plant. Learning about its energetics, the traditional uses and how we perceive its medicinal benefits in today’s herbalism.  

Overall, we will taste six herbs but we will teach you a practice that can last you a lifetime.

Lindsey Feldpausch
Lindsey Feldpausch
Lindsey Feldpausch, RH (AHG), is a clinical herbalist, avid medicine maker and a nature-based mamma. An instructor at the Eclectic School of Herbal Medicine, she teaches material medica and medicine making. Trained in the art of western herbalism, she believes in the healing powers of plants and our innate abilities to tap into this knowledge. Kindling this belief in others and showing people the way of the herbs, is one of her life’s objectives.

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