Do you know how to differentiate thyroid disorders from other causes that can create the same symptoms as thyroid disorders?

Do you wish that you knew more about the patterns of dysfunction associated with thyroid disorders, and how to interpret thyroid-related bloodwork results, so that you could better serve your thyroid clients?

Do you want to build your knowledge base around which natural remedies, herbs and supplements that are often touted as thyroid remedies can actually make thyroid disorders worse?

If so, we think you'll love this class!

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About This Class

As practitioners, it’s important that we recognize that thyroid disorders can result in symptoms that might be attributed to a number of other things. It's important to both be on the lookout for thyroid disorders in our practices, and to understand how to differentiate thyroid disorders from other conditions that present with the same symptoms.

Thomas originally released his “An Integrative Approach to the Thyroid” course back in 2016, and then released an updated version in 2019. The thyroid class has been one of his most popular courses ever (second only to his medicine-making course).

And for the 2024 re-opening of this class, we’ve given it a new name and made quite a few changes to the class content's format that make learning this complex subject matter a bit easier!

Thyroid Disorders Decoded

An estimated 20 million Americans have some form of thyroid disease.

* Up to 60 percent of these people are unaware of their condition.
* One in eight (probably higher) women will develop a thyroid disorder during her lifetime.
* Up to 10% of women over 60 have clinical or subclinical hypothyroidism.

Modern medicine thinks that synthetic or bioidentical hormones are the magic bullet that fixes all low thyroid problems, while many natural practitioners think that iodine is the magic bullet.

Both are wrong!

What Causes Thyroid Disorders?

There are numerous causes for hyper- and hypothyroidism. About 90% of all low thyroid problems are connected to a more complicated issue known as Hashimoto Thyroiditis, an autoimmune disorder. The problem with both conventional and alternative treatment of Hashimoto’s or Graves disease is, they often times do not address the underlying cause of the problem; inflammation and immune dysregulation . These people do not have a problem with their thyroid per se, but with their immune system and it's improper response.

Navigating your way through the thyroid issues can be very frustrating. Thomas has spent hundreds of hours working with clients who have been stuck in thyroid distress. His experience and research has helped unlock some of the mysteries surrounding these complicated issues. In this class series, he will teach you what to look for in thyroid disorders and how to effectively approach healing.

Why should you be familiar with thyroid disorders as a practitioner?

In this video, Thomas discusses why a a deeper understanding of the thyroid is important if you work with clients.

In This Class, You'll Learn...

Below are some of the topics you'll learn in this class, among many others:

- How the thyroid works

- Thyroid hormone biochemistry and synthesis

- Thyroid hormone target tissues

- Nutrients needed for a healthy thyroid

- Presentation and standard medical treatments for thyroid disorders

- Prescription medications (and when folks need them)

- Comprehensive thyroid blood work assessment

- History of TSH testing

- Causes, presentation (signs/symptoms) and support for:
· Primary and secondary hypothyroidism
· Hashimoto’s thyroiditis
· Hyperthyroidism and Graves disease
· Post partum thyroiditis

- Overview and support for autoimmunity

- The gut/thyroid connection

- Gut healing protocols

- Debunking Wilson’s Temperature Syndrome

What's New in This Class?

For the 2024 re-enrollment, our class material format has been designed to be accessible and engaging.

We understand that the subject matter can be complex, so we've strived to cater to all learning styles through our diverse class options!

We've transformed lengthy videos into bite-sized pieces, divided by sub-topic.

Each video is closed-captioned and accompanied by transcripts and audio for your convenience. *

Two live Q&As are included with this course, which will kick off a month after your sign-up. These sessions will offer insights into real-world case studies.

In addition, we'll be sharing two pre-recorded consultations with clients who primarily struggle with thyroid issues, allowing you a glimpse of Thomas at work. 

You will also have access to a private ESHM online community where you can ask questions about classes and clients.

This course introduces topics gradually over 4 weeks, ensuring you absorb and truly understand each concept before moving on to the next one. Instead of wading through an ocean of content all at once, this allows you to pace your studies and be fully prepared for the two Q&A sessions with Thomas!

*Please note that closed captioning is auto-generated and it might occasionally get a medical term or herb name wrong.

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Supplementary Class Materials

In addition to video lectures and transcripts, you'll also get access to a Resources section, which includes a selection of studies and articles relevant to class topics.

You'll also get a high-resolution printable "Happy Thyroid Plan" PDF, which includes a flowchart that keys out potential wellness plans based on bloodwork results. Our students are huge fans of this flowchart!

And, for the first time, your thyroid class enrollment comes with two live virtual classes with Thomas - as you work your way through the coursework, you'll have two opportunities to bring your questions for discussion with Thomas and your classmates.

Also new for 2024's version of this class - each class video is now supplemented with a transcript, to make your note taking and lecture-watching easier.

Why is working with thyroid disorders often challenging?

In this video, Thomas discusses some of the challenges that practitioners can face when working with thyroid clients.


  • How much is this class?

    Class is $399 when paid in full.

  • When does class take place?

    The course material itself is self-paced, and our two live Q&A sessions with Thomas are scheduled for March 18 and April 15.

  • Will the live classes be recorded in case I can't attend?

    Yes! They'll be uploaded afterwards to your online classroom.

  • Who is this class for? Can folks enroll regardless of skill level?

    While this course is open to all interested learners, its subject matter is complex. It's designed for practicing herbalists and folks who are unafraid to dive into complex physiological topics. Even if you're not a practicing clinician, if you’re someone who’s passionate about health and willing to engage with the material, you’ll find that the course content, though challenging, is accessible.

  • What kind of knowledge will I gain through this course?

    By the end of this course, you will be able to:

    -Demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the thyroid's structure, function, and role in the human body

    -Accurately interpret and analyze thyroid-related blood work results

    -Discuss various conditions and diseases related to thyroid dysfunction, including the physiological changes and potential causes

    -Identify and describe the standard medical treatments available for thyroid disorders

    -Conduct a differential thyroid assessment, recognizing the signs and symptoms of dysfunction and when to refer to a doctor for medications

    -Understand the role of nutrition in thyroid health and create nutritional plans to support thyroid function

    -Develop and implement effective herbal protocols for supporting thyroid disorders, understanding the specific benefits and potential risks of various herbs

    -Propose appropriate lifestyle changes to support thyroid health, considering factors such as stress management, sleep quality, and physical activity

    -Understand the ethical considerations and limitations of a clinical herbalist's role in working with clients with thyroid conditions.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the New and Improved Thyroid Class!

    • Welcome! Please read.

    • Zoom Link for Live Classes

    • Link to Community Forum

  • 2

    Part 1: How The Thyroid Works

    • Physiology Overview of Thyroid Hormone Production and Utilization

    • Thyroid Hormone Production - Iodine Uptake

    • Thyroid Hormone Production - Tyrosine, Thyroglobulin, TPO, and Iron

    • Thyroid Hormone Conversion, Selenium and Vitamin A

    • Class Notes for Part 1

    • Thyroid Quiz Part 1

  • 3

    Part 2: Primary Hypothyroidism

    • Recap

    • Bloodwork, Standard Medical Treatments

    • Immune System Crash Course

    • 11 Steps to Reversing Hashimoto's

  • 4

    Part 3: Subclinical Hypothyroidism, Euthyroid Sick Syndrome

    • Primary Hypothyroidism Review

    • Subclinical Hypothyroidism

  • 5

    Part 4: Hyperthyroidism, Postpartum Thyroiditis, Medication Guide, Debunking

    • Hyperthyroidism Introduction and Graves Disease

    • Hyperthyroidism Differentials

    • Thyroid Medications

    • Happy Thyroid Plan and Debunking Unsupported Claims

  • 6

    Thyroid Q&As

    • Thyroid Q&A 1

    • Thyroid Q&A 2

  • 7


    • T4 and T3 vs T4 study

    • T4 vs T3

    • Celiac Disease and Hashis

    • nejm armour vs synthroid

    • Periphal Metabolism of Thyroid Hormones AMV

    • Sampling Time for TSH

    • T3 regulates TSH

    • Paradigm shifts in thyroid hormone

    • clinical-strategies-in-the-testing-of-thyroid-function

    • Thyroid Medication Conversion Chart

    • Happy Thyroid Plan and Protocol Algorithm (yellow)

    • Happy Thyroid Plan and Protocol Algorithm (white)

    • Understanding the Role of Thyroid Hormones in Clinical Practice - Thomas' case study published in Journal of the American Herbalists Guild

  • 8

    Thyroid Consultation 1

    • Consult Recording for thyroid client 1

    • Thyroid client 1 bloodwork

    • Thyroid client 1 intake forms

    • Thyroid client 1 health plan

  • 9

    Thyroid Consultation 2

    • Consult Recording for thyroid client 2

    • Thyroid client 2 bloodwork A

    • Thyroid client 2 bloodwork B

    • Thyroid client 2 bloodwork C

    • Thyroid client 2 intake forms

    • Thyroid client 2 health plan

    • Follow up SOAPs

Your Instructor

For This Course

Thomas Easley, RH (AHG)

Thomas Easley, RH (AHG), is a Clinical Herbalist and the founder of the Eclectic School of Herbal Medicine. With a passion for herbal medicine ignited in 1996, Thomas has dedicated his life to helping others through a unique approach that integrates Traditional Western Herbalism, Clinical Nutrition, and modern medical sciences.

Since opening his practice in 2001, Thomas has provided guidance and support to tens of thousands of clients. In 2010, he founded the Eclectic School of Herbal Medicine, which offers comprehensive clinical training. As a professional member of the American Herbalists Guild, Thomas continues to refine his clinical expertise by reviewing cases for his school’s free clinic and maintaining an active private practice.

Thomas is the co-author of The Modern Herbal Dispensatory: A Medicine Making Guide and Modern Herbal Medicine. He firmly believes in the power of herbal medicine to transform lives and promote vibrant health. His approach emphasizes the importance of food as medicine and incorporates tailored diets, stress reduction techniques, nutritional supplements, and exercise to help clients achieve their health goals.

As a champion for evidence-based practices, Thomas strives to ensure that his teachings and methods are rooted in tradition, clinical practice, and sound scientific principles. He draws inspiration from the Eclectic and Physiomedical physicians of the 19th century, combining their wisdom with modern medical sciences to create a comprehensive and systematic approach to health and healing.

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