Comprehensive Clinical Training Package

The Clinical Herbal Practitioner Comprehensive Training Package is our most advanced online certification pathway and includes the clinical program coursework and clinical practicum.

It provides all of the education and experience needed to be a competent and confident clinical practitioner. Students will complete modules on the body systems, functional bloodwork, phytochemistry, and more. Students who complete the Clinical Herbal Practitioner Comprehensive Training will be able to recognize the patterns of disease and implement the appropriate protocols to return to health, as well as apply the knowledge learned in coursework in their work with clients during their practicum.

Additional Program Benefits

part of the Comprehensive Clinical Practitioner Program

For those interested in American Herbalists Guild certification, our program takes care of all of the education and over half of the clinical hours needed.

We also provide free mentorship for our graduates through AHG certification requirements or for one year, whichever comes first.

What You'll Get

as part of our Comprehensive Clinical Practitioner Certification

Self Paced Coursework: 

  • An Integrative Approach to Herbal Medicine 
  • Applied Clinical Nutrition Herbal Medicine for Acute Care 
  • The Art and Science of Plant Medicine Making 
  • Critical Thinking with Traci Picard 
  • An Integrative Approach to Systemic Inflammation 
  • An Integrative Approach to the Digestive System 
  • An Integrative Approach to Insulin Resistance and Obesity 
  • An Integrative Approach to the Nervous System 
  • An Integrative Approach to Mental Health 
  • Traditional Western Assessment 
  • The Theory and Application of Traditional Western Herbalism – A Course on Energetics 
  • An Integrative Approach to Autoimmunity 
  • An Integrative Approach to Thyroid Disorders 
  • An Integrative Approach to the Cardiovascular System 
  • An Integrative Approach to the Urinary System 
  • An Integrative Approach to the Respiratory System 
  • An Integrative Approach to the Lymphatic System 
  • An Integrative Approach to the Immune System 
  • An Integrative Approach to the Structural System and Pain Management 
  • An Integrative Approach to the Female Reproductive System 
  • An Integrative Approach to the Male Reproductive System 
  • Functional Blood Work Interpretation 
  • Fatigue Differentials 
  • The Phytochemistry of Consciousness 


  •  Monthly Live Q&A with Thomas and Mel 
  • Access to private Facebook group and nonmedia forum to ask questions and connect with your cohort
  • Access to option in-person weekends 
  • Core curriculum updates for 3 years

Clinical Practicum (started AFTER coursework above is completed): 

  • 10-week live, online Clinical and Relational Health Skills development series 
  • 1 in-person clinic orientation weekend (food/lodging not included) 
  • Weekly live case reviews 
  • Monthly live skill building classes tailored to your cohort 
  • CHIA (Clinical Herbalism in Action), our monthly livestreamed consultation shadowing 
  • A membership to Thomas’ clinical bots (when practicum starts) 
  • 4 private mentorship sessions with Mel 
  • Access to Thomas and Mel’s weekly office hours 
  • 1 year of free case review/mentorship post graduation 
  • Free core curriculum updates for 3 years after graduation 
  • A membership to our Clinical Calyx practitioner support group, which includes a monthly live webinar and in-depth write up of one clinically relevant topic (when practicum starts) 

Visit for a comprehensive write up of the Clinical Practicum.

After Program Completion

What you will be able to do when you complete certification:

After graduating from the Clinical Herbal Practitioner Comprehensive Training program, you will be fully prepared to see clients professionally.

Try Before You Buy

If you'd like to preview the type of content that's included in our programs, check out these videos:

Thyroid Physiology

Understanding the Thyroid

Fatigue Differentials

An Introduction to Fatigue Causes

Herbal Medicine Making

Solubility Using Different Preparation Methods


  • How much time will this program take to complete?

    The coursework is self paced and generally takes folks between 1-2 years to complete. We currently host two clinical practicums per year, in the spring and fall. The practicums are not self paced, but there is some flexibility in the number of clients you see per month. The clinical practicum therefore takes between 1-1.5 years to complete.

  • How much does this program cost?

    $8,715 if paid up front (this price is discounted for payment in full), or 24 monthly payments of $385.00.

  • Who do I contact with questions about enrollment?

    Send an email to [email protected] or Schedule an Info Session

  • What are the requirements for clinical certification?

    - Complete all coursework

    - Complete and turn in all take home tests and assignments, revise and resubmit as needed

    - 25 monograph papers

    - Attend one in-person Clinical Weekend (held twice a year)

    - Attend one 10 week live clinical skills training class series (held twice a year)

    - See 20 clients (includes initial intake, case presentation at case review, plan presentation with client, two follow ups with client, turn in updated client SOAP notes)

    - Clinical Skills self-assessments and progress meetings with Mel at case #5, #10, #15, and #20

    - Peer Case Assignments and active participation in case reviews

    - Exit meeting and final progress report with Mel after you turn in all of your cases

    - Pass the Comprehensive Final Exam with an 80% or higher

Join Us!

The Clinical Herbal Practitioner Comprehensive Training Package is our most advanced online certification pathway.

Addressing Cost and Accessibility in Herbal Education:

 We know that herbal education can be expensive and difficult to access for some folks! We pride ourselves in offering quality education and clinical experience opportunities at costs lower than the average herbal program, as well as offering longer payment plans. But we know that some folks will still find our prices inaccessible. 

We currently offer a small number of partial and full scholarships based on equity and/or true financial need. We are also working on creating a formal equity scholarship program and hope to launch this in early 2025. 

Please email [email protected] to inquire about potential scholarship opportunities.